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Use the Post Jobs page to create a job description and to post it to the job board. A carefully developed task publishing can draw in a a great deal of candidates.

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Fields Business Call

Get in the name of the business of the company. If you are an employer, enter the name of your customer.

Your internal task referral code. Enter your own internal reference code

The code helps you develop the relationship in between your in home recruiting effort and your task board-based recruiting effort.

Task area - United States

Pick several task areas where the task will be worked. This details is utilized when task applicants look for jobs. Filling out this field correctly ensures a greater number of hits for your job. Region. Choose several areas where the task will be worked. This info is utilized when job hunters search for a job. Filling in this field properly makes sure a greater number of hits for your task.

Work status

Select one of full time, part time, agreement or Intern, that finest explains the type of relationship that will exist between the employer and the staff member. Education requirements From the list supplied, pick the minimum level of education needed of candidates requesting the job.

Job title

Enter the title of the task. The title is utilized to determine the job throughout task searches and where tasks are listed on a page. Job description. Get in the description of your task. Go into up to 4000 characters. When you conserve the task posting, the system automatically analyzes the task description field and optimizes it for fast browsing. Task requirements. Go into the minimum qualifications candidates must have in order to be considered for the position. Enter approximately 2000 characters.

Task benefits

Get in the requirement and any special benefits that staff members delight in with your company. Always remember to consist of those perks that some employees might consider granted. For instance, does your company provide complimentary soft drinks? Does the company supply totally free transit passes? Are exemplary employees rewarded with premium parking places?

Recruiter/Contact Person

Get in the name of the person that will be contacting prospects.

Email Address

If you prefer to have actually applications emailed to you, offer the email address where applications must be sent. URL. If your business offers an on line application on its website, go into the URL here. Candidates will be motivated to apply to website your corporate URL. Phone number. The phone number of the employer or contact person as gotten in above. If you prefer not to be called directly, leave this field blank. Telephone number. If you prefer that candidates fax their resume and cover letter, offer your telephone number here.

Mailing Address

Supply the address where applicants might mail you their cover letter and resume.

Job Status

When you develop a new task, make the job's status active so that job candidates may see your task when they perform a search. Buttons Save. Use the conserve button to commit your modifications to the database.


If at any time you make a mistake and desire to begin again from the current saved version (if any), press the reset button. The page will reload itself with the version of your task publishing saved most just recently.

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